The Talent Hive is a talent recruitment company that also offers HR consulting services. Founded in 2000, as Boipelo 360, the Talent Hive marks a celebration of our 20 year journey. We have rebranded, reenergised and recommitted ourselves to our mission of bringing people and business together. The 'Hive' represents symbiosis, coming together as one, for a common goal! We believe, in fact, we know, that when the right talent is placed in the right organisation, a productive and mutually beneficial 'Hive' emerges. We take great pride in our mastery of the art of creating Talent Hives! We look forward to working with you!



In today’s competitive business landscape, savvy businesses and talented individuals, recognise the power of making the right connection. It takes Hive-like chemistry to create great products and services, to feel fulfilled whilst fulfilling organisational goals.

We, at the Talent Hive, thrive on making these transformative connections. We view recruitment as a creative process, combining the hard facts with the subtle nuances that make talent and organisations, tick.

We make it simple. You connect with us, and we connect you to the right Hive!

Our partners appreciate our enthusiasm, attention to detail, confidentiality and efficiency, when handling their recruitment journeys. Our team is committed to streamlining the process, removing unnecessary jargon and hurdles. We aim to ensure that the experience is second to none!


I have always followed the path to my passion, which took me to Bethune Cookman University in Orlando, Florida where I achieved my Bsc in Psychology (Hons) Cum laude. Prior to taking the leap of faith and becoming an entrepreneur, it was one adventure after another. I worked at Anglo Gold, Ogilvy and Investec, respectively. I have been in HR for over 25 years and, in that time, I have assisted companies in their quest to identify and hire the top talent needed to achieve business goals. Recruitment is my passion and first love. I take it with me everywhere I go, and probably make my family squirm *wink*

What I enjoy is partnering with my candidates and organisations to understand just what they are looking for. I have the knack for finding the perfect match! I have a genuine passion, a ‘superpower’, for helping set people on their true career paths so they may realise their professional goals. Over the years, I have maintained strong relationships with candidates, many of which have advanced and are now clients who entrust their hiring requirements with me.

When I am not at The Hive you can find me in my kitchen! I am an avid home cook and foodie. I believe food and flowers are an expression of creativity. They also erase complacency (that can creep in after decades in the trade) and help me feel reenergised to be the best expression of me! So let’s sit down, break bread over a glass of wine and chat. I am a professional but I am also human. I want to help you realise your potential!

A few more things I love…

· Checking out new eateries
· Going to food and wine festivals
· Spending time with friends and family
· Flowers, they move and intrigue me; are my sanctuary and creative outlet. I use this craft doing wedding flowers
· Daydreaming about my next travel destination


We love our clients


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